Bhulakkad Means Forgetful

How To Use Our Services

1) Top 10 priority
This service is used on for day to day activity which we are sometime very easily forget.

2) To-Do
This service will remind you all that you need to do in upcoming days at the right time.

3) Reminder
The reminder service is mainly for softreminders like, If the carpenter comes I have 1,2,3,4,5, work to be done.. OR If the Electrician comes I have 1,2,3,4,5, work to be done.. OR

4) Timely Reminder
This will remind you of all those task on certain time like, Home/Vehical/other installment's Insurance Premium Quaterly/Half Yearly/ Yearly for certain Year, vehical PUC Reminder Mobile recharge after cetrain Days and so on.

5) Birthday Reminder
This service will remind you all Birthday's of Near and Dear before specified numder of Days you can organise a gift/party/Surprise.

6) Note's
You can note's of any special comment of one particular day/person/event Like you had mate with an accidant with some other vehical at this time and the vehical number... You had a argument with someone... You mate your very old friend at this place and so on.

7) My Diary
You can maintain your diry here in digital formate.

8) Bank Acccount
You can jote all the transection in your bank accounts with summary, which will help you while filling your INCOME TAX return, and also u can store the Photo copy cheques/deposite slips for future referance.

9) Purchased Product
This is a very important service, like we make purchases of mainly elctrical/elctronics product with multiple year warranty, when you have anykind of problem with the product and the company's service people ask for the product warranty card/bill, you find it difficultly in finding them. But you can store all that in this section along with scanned/pictures of respective product along with sevice center numbers and many other IMP Note's.